A flickering truth

Irudia (mugimenduan ; bidimentsiokoa) : bideoa

A flickering truth / a film by Pietra Brettkelly (2015). -- [London] : StudioCanal, copyright 2015, -- 1 disko (DVD) (91 minutu) : soinua, kolorez

Musika: Benjamin Wallfisch.
Argazki zuzendaritza: Jacob Bryant.

As Afghanistan teeters on an unpredictable future, "A flickering truth" unwraps the world of three dreamers and 8000 hours of film covered by the dust of 100 years of wars. Can these men who risked their lives to protect this vessel of culture restore the record of Afghanistan's colourful and diverse past? And what surprises will emerge from the cloak of time?
In "A flickering truth", we meet the dedicated cinephiles who are now excavating, preserving, and restoring thousands of hours of film footage, both drama and documentary, from Afghanistan's cienmatic past.

Películas - Conservación y restauración
Motion pictures - Conservation and restoration
Filmak - Kontserbazioa eta zaharberritzea

Brettkelly, Pietra (1965- ) zuzendari, gidoilari