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STEAM Kids : 50+ Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Math hands-on projects for Kids / by Anne Carey ... [et al.]. -- [S.l.] : [s.n.], copyright 2016, -- 130 orrialde : koloretako argazkiak ; 28 cm

Steam kids is all about inspiring our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to question like a scientist I design like a technologist build like an engineer I create like an artist deduce like a mathematician and play like a kid.
Inside the book are 50+ hands-on-ways to have fun with STEAM perfect for ages 4 to 10. So grab your curious kids, dig in and have a blast building rockets, engineering bubbles, painting with light, and more!


Zientzia - Esperimentuak
Science - Experiments
Ciencia - Experimentos
Manual training
Trabajos manuales

Carey, Anne egile