Hold my scissors

Irudia (mugimenduan ; bidimentsiokoa) : bideoa

Hold my scissors / Usama Alshaibi and Camila Ha (2004)

Experiments in terror 2 [San Francisco] : Other cinema, copyright 2007 1565806832, -- (4 minutu) : soinua, kolorez

Musika: Camilla Ha.

Partehartzaileak: Echo Transgression, Jami Primmer, Sarah Lynn, Sara Reinhold, Julia Gilman, Amy Weseloh Gray and Daniele Manni.

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Usama Alshaibi and Camilla Ha’s short (in essence, a music video for Ha's Chicago-based music project "Magic is Küntmaster" as it is the latter's composition that provides both the score and the name of the film) "evokes Kenneth Anger and Jack Smith its trippy fantasia of a cannibalistic coven. The wild lighting of "Hold the scissors" leaves much to darkness but what we do glimpse all but obliterates the lines between seduction and repulsion."

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